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2. Documents and Downloads
Listed below are several documents available to assist in applying and understanding the PLRM.
Description of PLRM Documentation
(24.9 MB EXE File) (January 2010)
Downloading the PLRM software to your computer requires saving the EXE file and following the installation instructions found in the User's Manual in Section 1.5.  
Microsoft Access Runtime Installation Package
(57.6 MB EXE File)
Microsoft Access Runtime 2007 is a free program that needs to be installed to run the PLRM if you do not have Microsoft Access 2007 installed on your computer.  If you do have Microsoft Access 2007 installed, you do not need to download or install Runtime 2007.
User's Manual 
(December 2009)
The manual is the primary document describing how to use the PLRM. The manual provides information that is directly applicable for setting up and performing basic PLRM simulations. 
Applications Guide
(October 2010)
The guide provides simple example applications of the PLRM. The example applications walk the user through the basic concepts for developing a PLRM simulation.
Model Development Document  
(October 2009)
The document supplements the User's Manual by providing the interested reader with more background on the PLRM program structure; development of data sets supporting the PLRM; and technical algorithms used to develop data sets as well as inform computational methods.  
Road Risk GIS Layer
(March 2011)
The GIS shapefile provides default Road Risk Categories for Primary and Secondary Roads in the Tahoe Basin. This information is a necessary input for the PLRM in the Road Methodology. The March 2011 version includes updates to Washoe County, Douglas County, and the City of South Lake Tahoe. 
Road Shoulder Condition GIS Layer
(March 2011)
The GIS shapefile provides estimated PLRM attributes for road shoulder condition and impervious area connectivity for all Tahoe Basin roads.  Attributes were estimated in 2010.  A document summarizing the methods used to develop the GIS layer, as well as guidance on how to interpret the attribute table is provided in the Zip file download.
PLRM Met Grid
(March 2011)
The GIS shapefile provides the PLRM Meteorological Grid.  Also included in the download are two Google Earth KML files. One KML file provides the ID for each Met Grid that is entered in PLRM.  The other KML file provides the estimated average annual precipitation for each Met Grid.
PLRM Input Template
(October 2010)
Microsoft Excel file that can be used to document all PLRM inputs in an easily reviewable format.
PLRM Update History
(October 2010)
The text file describes updates to the PLRM software and supporting documentation.