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Science & Research

Science and Research in Lake Tahoe was developed as part of a collaborative process involving state, federal, regional and local agencies and research institutions. In 2001, land and resource management agencies identified key research and monitoring activities that were needed for the restoration of the Lake Tahoe watershed. This process was informed by and integrated with the Lake Tahoe Science Advisory Group (SAG), which compiled an initial set of Key Science and Management Questions and developed the Lake Tahoe Science Plan, which incorporated existing knowledge and described outlying tasks needed to answer the key questions.  

The evolution of these information needs was based on many events/efforts, including but not limited to:

  • previous and ongoing research,
  • the 1997 Presidential Forum at Lake Tahoe,
  • the U.S. Forest Service's Watershed Assessment,
  • the Lake Tahoe Science Symposia,
  • establishment of the Lake Tahoe Science Advisory Group,
  • approval of the Tahoe Environmental Science System under which the signature research institutions agree to share knowledge and facilities,
  • the establishment of numerous working groups which discuss specific technical issues and
  • literally hundreds of meetings between interested agencies, research institutions and public stakeholders.

Environmental Improvement Program

The Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) process has also resulted in substantial funding commitments for Science and Research activities. The intensified and accelerated restoration effort embodied in the EIP requires an equally intense and accelerated effort to gather, analyze, integrate and disseminate scientific and technical information. Such information provides the science-based platform to guide policy decisions necessary to achieve environmental thresholds.