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Mapping Tools & Data
The Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS) was designed to display spatial data provided to us by partner agencies around the Basin.  We currently offer two ways to view spatial datasets on TIIMS: dedicated   These tools are described in more detail below.  In addition, TIIMS provides a link to the

If you are an agency employee and would like to consider sharing data on TIIMS either using one of our publicly viewable tools or via a password protected solution, please Contact TIIMS.

Map Views

The Map Views were carefully designed to display a set of topic specific information and quickly get visitors to desired information. Each map view centers around a theme of data and each map's set of tools will display specific search results.

GIS Mapping Tool

The TIIMS Staff recognizes there are users with additional GIS mapping software skills who like to mix and match spatial datasets in different ways.  For these "power users" who are familiar with ESRI's ArcGIS suite of software, or for people who enjoy on-line software adventures, we offer the GIS Mapping Tool.

Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse

This Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse website, created and maintained by the  in partnership with Federal, State, tribal, and local agencies and groups, is a gateway to information and data on Lake Tahoe and its basin.