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TIIMS Glossary

The TIIMS Glossary offers you a quick description of many technical terms used through out this site as well as on other Lake Tahoe basin web sites you visit.  In many cases, we offer a simple description and then more in depth information as well.

Acronym Decoder

Inherent with complicated restoration efforts like saving Lake Tahoe's clarity are many government agencies and the need to create acronyms.  This tradition is alive and well at Lake Tahoe!  This glossary also offers an ever growing list of locally used acronyms; we hope to become your acronym decoder resource!  If you have an acronym that does not appear here, please Contact TIIMS!  We would love to help locate it's definition and source or just offer a place to display your acronym "find."

Helpful Tips

You can search this glossary by selecting individual letters of the alphabet or by typing your search term in the "Search the Glossary" text box. 

Please notice this window displays 5 glossary terms and then offers the opportunity to page through the rest of the search results.  Simply click on the numbers that appear below the words: "Displaying results."

Enjoy the TIIMS Glossary!