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What is TIIMS?

The Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS) continues to be developed to house and disseminate information about the Lake Tahoe Basin's planning and restoration efforts. TIIMS contains tools to meet the needs of all stakeholders within the Basin. Citizens, research scientists, and resource managers can use TIIMS as a one-stop site for information about Lake Tahoe.  

TIIMS users can discover, access, map, use and contribute to this information management solution about and for Lake Tahoe. 

If you are new to TIIMS, you will enjoy exploring our Lake Tahoe restoration information, project information, and updated meeting and event calendars. We would love for you to volunteer and get involved in restoration efforts.

Employees at partnering agencies have access to on-line workspaces, calendars, and meeting tools.  In addition, partnering agency employees can coordinate on projects in other password protected areas of TIIMS.

TIIMS represents a complete information management solution. It will address the institutional arrangements, policy requirements, agency communication and coordination needs, and standards and protocols that are needed to share and integrate information resources from different information sources.  It is a dynamic and flexible system that will expand and change to meet data and information integration needs as they develop and grow within the Basin.